Revolutionizing Education: BSC's Role in Rwanda's Smart Education Network

Dec. 15, 2023, 8:44 a.m.
Revolutionizing Education: BSC's Role in Rwanda's Smart Education Network

Rwanda's educational landscape is undergoing a remarkable transformation with the Rwanda Smart Education Network (RSEN), championed by the Ministry of Education. BSC plays a pivotal role in this initiative, dedicated to revolutionizing education across the country.

RSEN is a cutting-edge network connecting over 1437 educational sites, including schools, higher learning institutions, and research centers. This network ensures uninterrupted connectivity, backed by a robust infrastructure in Kigali and a disaster recovery center within a 150km radius.

The primary objective of RSEN is to establish a dedicated educational network, facilitating seamless access to learning materials through high-bandwidth connectivity at an affordable cost. BSC brings expertise beyond connectivity, offering support in data center management, interactive e-learning tools, and stringent security measures, including Child Online Protection (COP).

With a 24/7 Network Operations Center and call centers, BSC ensures exceptional service to beneficiaries. Moreover, the integration of local content and extensive network routes enriches the learning experience within RSEN.

As RSEN progresses towards completion by June 2024, BSC remains committed to realizing a technologically advanced, accessible, and secure educational network for Rwanda. Together, BSC and RSEN are not only connecting schools but also nurturing a future where knowledge is limitless and learning transcends boundaries.

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