CEO’s Message


Since its establishment in 2008 BSC, Broadband Systems Corporation has been at the forefront of ICT services in Rwanda. We have strived to maintain high ethical standards, create products and services that provide value to our customers, and become a company trusted and preferred by all stakeholders.
Our mission is “To provide world class broadband connectivity and solutions to empower citizens, communities, government and businesses in Rwanda and the region”.
BSC is an integrator and service provider of innovative ICT solutions based on broadband connectivity. Based on the company products portfolio, we provide both retail & wholesale services that consist of various broadband-based services and ICT solutions to Government and Corporates.
Our goal is to contribute to Rwanda’s goal of becoming a regional ICT hub. At BSC, we do that by offering ICT services and solutions based on connectivity that now offer within the entire country and some parts of the region, our core business being connectivity, we offer this through different technologies varying from Fiber, wireless, 4G LTE and VSAT technologies. All these work together to guarantee entrepreneurs, public institutions and individuals get a better opportunity to do their businesses more efficiently as well as enrich their lives through the power of internet connectivity.
As we go forward, we aim at leading the market from the customer’s perspective, by incorporating innovation and new technology to ensure that we are providing a balance between reliable, fast Internet connection and value-added services at affordable rates to all our customers.
We endeavor to establish a corporate culture that responds satisfactorily and surpasses the needs and expectations of our customers and increase the company’s valuation. That can not be achieved without a fully committed, passionate and skilled team.
To conclude, I would like to sincerely thank our customers for their loyalty and commitment to work with us. We could not have made this continuous without your support. We look forward to a continued collaboration and patronage.


Thank you,


Christian MUHIRWA





“Expanding your Possibilities”

It is the golden thread that sews together our innovations. It is a clear manifestation that Broadband Systems Corporation opens up your chances to explore, grow, have fun, and to achieve your dreams.

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